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Why MEAN Stack is the Future Tech of Web App Development

In the digital age, the significance of customized mobile and web-based applications has increased dramatically. As competition grows, it becomes essential for businesses to create feature-rich applications to meet the highest standards and draw more users. So, the web development company must employ an identical software stack if you're looking to create an app starting from scratch. It would be best if you had the right tools, resources and a standard development method to create a user-friendly and customized app. 

MEAN stack is a stack that can satisfy your needs for business efficiency and offer the advantages of modern technology in custom mobile and web-based applications. MEAN acronym refers to MongoDB (a database), Express (backend framework), AngularJS (Front-end framework) along with Node.js (backend runtime framework). While each of these technologies was created independently, they make up one of the most powerful technology stacks as a MEAN stack. 

Each reputable AngularJS development company, as well as Node.js development service provider,offers MEAN stack technologies. Let's examine why MEAN stack is the best web or mobile app development choice. Before we get to the advantages of the MEAN stack, we should look through the significance of its different technology. 

The importance of MEAN Stack in Web & Mobile App Development 

JavaScript connects all four technologies within the MEAN stack. These main characteristics make this stack extremely popular with entrepreneurs and developers alike. 

1. The Same Language 

One of the main advantages of using the MEAN stacks for Web application development is that it uses the identical language JavaScript for frontend and backend development.  

Developers can write clean code using the MEAN stack. MEAN stack. Node.js handles server-side programming, and AngularJS can be useful for client-side programming. This makes it possible that developers to reuse codes from the backend to the front end. 

2. Cost-effectiveness 

When businesses hire MEAN stack experts, they don't need to employ many developers because MEAN stack covers all aspects of development. Java developers will coordinate better to promptly finish the mobile and web app projects. This allows businesses to save on app development costs and developers' fees per hour. In a way, MEAN stack development is cost-effective for companies. 

3. MongoDB Advantage 

MongoDB will be your ideal database if you have to share and store large amounts of information. It is much easier to add fields to MongoDB when compared to other databases. MongoDB also comes as a document model database, making it simpler to utilize across various applications. It functions as the object of any language that is object-oriented. 

4. Utilization of JSON 

The JSON format is used for transferring data between different layers. JSON allows data conversion in the server-side and the client-side interaction, and developers do not need to utilize any library to accomplish the similar. Additionally, JSON enables MEAN stack developers to interact with APIs from outside. 

5. Node.js and AngularJS 

These two JavaScript-based frameworks can be instrumental in custom web application development that are user-friendly and easy to use. Node.js is a runtime application that is an internet server for backend development. AngularJS is, in contrast, an excellent frontend development language. It is possible to have an embedded web server as Node.js in the application through MEAN stacking. Additionally, Node.js is very fast and adaptable compared to other web servers, and AngularJS can handle any changes that may occur in the near future. 

Furthermore, all the technologies employed to create the MEAN stack are free to use. MEAN stack is available for free, and therefore, If you wish to make any changes to your app later on, you can modify it for free without having to spend a lot of money. And if you hire a MEAN stack development company, they can assist you in changing your application quickly, anytime. 

Let's look at the main advantages of using the MEAN stack for mobile and web application development. 

The Top Reasons to Pick MEAN Stack for your App Development Project 

Here's a list of MEAN stack advantages that make it the most popular mobile and web application development option. 

1. Saves Time 

Easy switching, high flexibility and fast real-time updates can help save development time with MEAN. Furthermore, the MEAN stack includes an unlimited collection of modules for Node.js that developers can utilize at any point. Thus, there's no need to build these modules from scratch. Developers can save lots of time and effort by skipping the step. 

2. Real-time Web Apps 

In comparison to other technologies in the market, in comparison to other technologies, the MEAN stack is the most suitable for creating real-time web applications. An AngularJS development companycan create single-page apps that utilize an AngularJS platform. With the MEAN stack, it's simple to implement real-time modifications in development due to the accessibility of AngularJS and Node.js. 

3. Easy-to-Switch 

MEAN stack is quick and allows developers to utilize Node.js to serve as the Web server. Through the integration of AngularJS and Node.js on one platform, it's simple for programmers to change between server and client. Furthermore, the MEAN stack allows developers to eliminate the need for a LAMP stack and Apache and reduce development time. 

4. Open-source stack 

MEAN stack development companies can proceed with the development process with the assistance of public repositories and libraries that are available online. Numerous open portals and a large group of committed MEAN stack experts are available to answer questions related to the creation and deployment of MEAN applications. This is because the MEAN stack is open-source and has technology. 

The main drawbacks of MEAN Stack 

Every technology stack has pros and negatives; The MEAN stack is no different! Although the MEAN stack is extremely well-known, it's been able to support less than PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Additionally, the absence of documentation makes customization MEAN quite difficult, contrasted with the likes of Ruby and LAMP. Software giant Google offers a framework and a runtime environment for MEAN. MEAN stack; however, it's still considered to be an unsecured stack that could be vulnerable to security hacks. With over 10 years old in design and runtime environments, the MEAN stack remains hackers' most popular attack point. 

However, a trustworthy and reputable MEAN stack development company will overcome these issues by adhering to the best practices and employing modern tools for development. 

Concluding Lines

MEAN stack provides the advantages of the best JavaScript technologies and a robust database to build custom applications. Many of the most well-known businesses, such as Netflix and The New York Times, and PayPal, have placed their trust in the MEAN stack to develop their applications. With only one layer, creating and launching an app within the MEAN stack is easy. An AngularJS, as well as a Node.js development company, may also offer MEAN stack-based development.